How I Work

Over the past 20 years I've worked with a wide range of directors in feature films, TV, commercials and animation. No job is the same and different projects call for different types of storyboards. You might need lots of sketches quickly produced in order to test out visual ideas or communicate an action sequence to a film crew. Or you might need a sequence of more refined, highly produced frames to present a project to a client or investor.

I usually meet the director/client in person or online for a briefing or to work out a sequence together. Pencil on paper is still the best way to work for that kind of immediate feedback. Then I tend to finish the work digitally from my studio in East London.

Some projects I've worked on are Argylle, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (Series 2), You (Series 4), The House, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. For a list of film projects I've worked on, please check out my IMDB profile.

I have a thorough grasp of the conventions of visual storytelling, a keen eye for conveying emotion and a range of styles to suit the requirements of the project at hand.

This Is Me

I grew up in Switzerland and live in London with my family now. I am constantly amazed at how life in all its forms finds its way.

In my work I often draw on my personal knowledge of martial arts, dance, science and animal anatomy. My previous career in Maths and programming is sometimes helpful too…

When I’m not storyboarding I’m baking, trying to make music or spending time with my lovely family.

Get In Touch

Different finishes require different timescales. I give a rough idea of number of frames I draw in the various styles in my portfolio, but please feel free to get in touch for a more specific estimate.

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East London, UK


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