About me

I’m an experienced storyboard artist working for the past fifteen years in feature films, TV, commercials and animation. I usually work from my studio in East London after a briefing with the director either in person or by phone. I also work with clients in their offices where we work out sequences and visuals together. 

I use a pencil on paper or work digitally with a stylus on a tablet. The pencil remains the quickest way to test visual ideas and search for the best or most economical way to tell a story in images. I pride myself on having a thorough grasp of the conventions of visual storytelling, a keen eye for conveying emotion and a wide range of styles to suit the requirements of the project at hand.

In my work I often draw on my personal knowledge of martial arts, dance and animal anatomy. My previous career in Maths and programming is sometimes helpful too…

When I’m not storyboarding I’m baking, diving or spending time with my two children.

How I work

No job is the same and different projects call for different types of storyboards. You might need lots of sketches quickly produced in order to test out visual ideas or communicate an action sequence to a film crew. Or you might need a sequence of more refined, highly produced frames to present a project to a client or investor. 

Different finishes require different timescales – below is a rough guide to give you an idea of how quickly I work. 

Standard, black-and-white drawings with some shading.

This is the most popular delivery format for director’s storyboards for commercials. It allows for a round of feedback between sketching the boards out and shading them in.

SPEED: 20 panels / day

Quick, rough but clear sketches

A useful format for finding how to tell the story visually and often enough to communicate with producers, and the heads of camera, stunt and special effects departments. 

SPEED: 50 panels / day

Coloured drawings

To add texture and atmosphere to my standard boards, a bit of colour can make them stand out more. These work well when presenting an idea to an investor. 

SPEED: 10 panels / day

Who I've worked with

In my 15+ years in the film and advertising industry I have worked on a wide range of projects from feature films and TV shows including: Watership Down, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Robot Overlords, Stardust and others to hundreds of commercials for brands like Nike, Samsung, John Lewis, Red Cross, Jaguar and many more.

I’ve had the honour of working with lots of great directors including Nicolas Winding Refn, Adam Berg, Yann Demange, Louis Leterrier, Alice
Troughton, Charlotte Colbert and many others who are just as amazing.

If you want to discuss any forthcoming projects please get in touch.